Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hike to Buer Glacier (Norway Part Three)

Our second hike in Norway was to Buer Glacier, and we lucked out with a gorgeous sunny day. This hike starts in a valley past farms, then quickly picks up into the mountains. There were steep sections of rock with helpful ropes to aid in the climb. As we got higher and higher we were able to watch our progress looking down into the valley behind us. 

Once we got close to the foot of the glacier our path was interrupted by fast, rough water. There used to be a suspension bridge here but there was not much left of it. Those brave enough in our group (almost everyone except me) went across a cable with a harness to get a slightly closer view. I was pretty satisfied sitting on rocks in the sunshine with Buer Glacier in front of me and the entertainment of watching everyone pulling themselves across on the cable. 

Our base for this hike was Odda, which is a great place to stay with access to lots of hiking. We stayed at the Trolltunga Hotel, which was about a 15-20 minute walk up from the town center. We were up early before our hike and managed to catch a mirror image of Odda on the fjord. 

Later that evening before dinner we sat on the boardwalk with gas station beers and watched the clouds seeping over the mountains. Perfect place, perfect day, and perfect hike. 

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