Monday, August 22, 2016

Hike to Trolltunga (Norway Part Four)

Trolltunga is a very famous hike in Norway, and that became apparent as soon as we hit the trail. This place was Disneyland levels of crowded. The beautiful weather we had on yesterday's hike was gone, and we set off on a slog through rain, mist, and mud. This trek started with an incredible amount of elevation gain in the first kilometer, so that we were essentially ascending slippery rock stairs and slopes of mud with ropes. We did all of this in a line of constant hikers, like a few of many marching ants. I cannot imagine what this place is like on a sunny day!

This hike felt especially challenging since it was our third day of hiking, it was pretty long (23 kilometers round trip), and the weather was miserable. We made it to the end but only stopped for a quick selfie before heading back down. There was a huge line of people waiting to have their photo taken on the actual "tongue", but this was good enough for us! 

Of course, as soon as we got back to the parking lot the sun came out. Our guides bought us beers and we were able to dry out a bit. This was the one hike of the trip that none of us were crazy about because of the crowds. I feel like this one could be skipped unless you happen to have stunning weather and don't mind the lack of solitude. 

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