Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kayaking to Fresvik (Norway Part Eight)

Our hosts at Stigen, Dee and Hege, have another house in the village of Fresvik. We stayed in their "city" home after our night in Stigen, which meant another evening with wood fired hot tubs and an incredible meal. This home also had showers and flushing toilets after several days and nights without, so it was extra nice! 

To get here we kayaked through the Aurlandsfjord into the Sognefjord. The village is nestled between beautiful green mountains right along the fjord. We enjoyed walking around looking at houses, raspberry farms, and historic photos of the people who lived in the tiny village.  

When it was time to leave Fresvik and venture out for our last day of kayaking, we lucked out with gorgeous blue skies and sunshine. Weather like this felt extra special after the "liquid sunshine" we had experienced on most days (this is how our guide Nic referred to the rain). 

We had a nice leisurely day of paddling and could really soak in the beauty of the area. When it was time to pull out, we found fresh fruit and glasses of sparkling wine waiting for us. Such a treat!

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